Thursday, 17 July 2008

outrageous scare tactics from British bookies

The big three bookies in the UK have allegedly threatened to pull their support of BAGS greyhounds stadiums if they continue to sell DVDs of their race replays to punters! The bookies can't handle people actually doing form and possibly winning for a change. Absolutely outrageous, how punters and the gambling authorities can allow this to happen? Punters do have rights, and those rights include being able to study the form and win. There's no cheating involved here. What a scandal!


  1. Can you post a link to the full story on this one please?

    I cannot find anything in print regarding this subject.

  2. It has been mentioned in the RacingPost and on the Betfair forum, but can't find anything published online. Insiders in the greyhound industry have confirmed it.

  3. I had an inkling it would be a Racing Post article.


  4. there was a follow-up article to this in yesterday's RacingPost, in the greyhound section.


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