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Betfair sign more integrity agreements

Just as the BBC try to make a song and dance about things that 'allegedly' happened years ago (Panorama investigation into corruption in British racing), Betfair have signed more integrity agreements with sporting bodies. Recent additions include TRSA (Thoroughbred Racing South Australia), Queensland Harness Racing and the IOC. But apparently, it's an endorsement of evil in NSW, so Racing NSW refuse to sign up to it....

laying the draw at Edgbaston

At the cricket this week with the Betfair trailer, warm and sticky this afternoon, so it's definitely time to be laying the draw. England a bit unlucky with the Vaughan decision in the morning session (Pietersen was out LBW anyway if not caught), but them's the breaks. There'll be a result here for sure....

Betfair and Sportingbet take on Victorian government as well

Not sure they'll need this case if the NSW one gets up, I imagine it's just a back-up in case the NSW govt pulls every tactic out to delay the hearing. The Vic govt has already been rumoured to give the directive that that breaches of their advertising law wouldn't be prosecuted (as they doubted it would stand up in court), so this one could be the lay-down misere. But when lawyers are involved, you can never be too certain... Read all about it here

but the Superbikes at Brno is just fine...

Marvellous... halfway through Race 2, a nice little return on investment :)

outrageous scare tactics from British bookies

The big three bookies in the UK have allegedly threatened to pull their support of BAGS greyhounds stadiums if they continue to sell DVDs of their race replays to punters! The bookies can't handle people actually doing form and possibly winning for a change. Absolutely outrageous, how punters and the gambling authorities can allow this to happen? Punters do have rights, and those rights include being able to study the form and win. There's no cheating involved here. What a scandal!

250cc race much tougher, but still tradeable

The 2.5 favourite jumped straight to the front, but because of the high market percentage and weak liquidity, you can still lay several runners and go green. The race is only half over but I've closed out, can't see much else happening unless the leader falls off.

love the 125cc

Eight laps to go, profit locked in, now I can sit back and watch the finish without stressing about the odds.... The secret of this is laying bit by bit, as many runners as you can, without letting your liability get too high, then keeping doing it over and over. It works best (for me) on sports where positions are constantly changing and where liquidity isn't so strong. Lower-profile events in motor racing and golf work best for me. Now for the 250cc race!

today's trading

Sundays are usually a great day for lower profile events and being able to lay a book. It's the German MotoGP all day on Eurosport. I'm not interested in the big race, but the underclasses (125cc and 250cc) give you a great opportunity to lay riders at prices way too short. I won't give away all my secrets, but there are bookies out there trading live to give you a guide for prices, in motorcycling, passing is far more common, and especially if it's wet, then you've got to keep laying the short prices.

more on the landmark NSW advertising case

Bill Saunders sinks the boots into Racing NSW, the NSW Govt and of course, the king of idiots, Robert Nason. Read the Virtual Formguide article here about the flawed legislation and this one about the NSW Govt's likelihood of being embarrassed in court .

Betfair and Sportingbet take on NSW government

About time too. The ridiculous protectionist advertising laws in NSW are being taken to task in the Federal Court. Read the story here from the Virtual Formguide. What's the betting on NSW getting embarrassed like the WA Govt just a few months ago??

boring old man rants about stuff he shouldn't get involved in

Sepp Blatter - what right do you have to comment about a multi-millionaire player throwing a tantrum about not getting his way to transfer clubs? Modern day slavery? He gets £100k+ per week you daft old man! You're as irrelevant and senile as Juan Antonio Samaranch. There are rules about transfers and poaching - who's breaking them here - Utd or Real Madrid??

Vic govt finally wakes up, but still falls behind reality

Victorian bookmakers will finally be allowed to take bets 24/7 under new proposals from the state government. But it's still taboo for them to lay horses on Betfair, although EVERYONE ELSE in the entire country is allowed to do it. Seriously, you wonder how any of these idiots managed to get elected.... Herald Sun article They'll still have to be based on a racecourse, venues punters rarely ever attend these days and severely lacking in technological resources or office space. And they'll still only be allowed to advertise in Victoria, if they're lucky...

record Betfair market on the Wimbledon final

What an unbelievable final!! And almost £50m matched, smashing the previous record of about £35m from the Ashes final test of 2005. Best tennis match you're ever likely to see, simply amazing.

price crushed

Wow, that started a plunge! I think Raymond and Stosur are value at 4.2 or higher, alternatively lay the sisters at 1.31 or shorter.

one more play

Don't expect to see any value at this end of the tournament, but this is massive overs. Raymond & Stosur (5.9) v Williams sisters. Raymond & Stosur have been ranked no.1 with different partners over the years and they've fought their way past seeds here. How on earth they are this price, I don't know. They'll play with a lot more guile and epxerience than the Williams sisters who will have played the singles final first and will then play their power game chasing victory.

Cricket becoming more of a farce by the day

So if wasn't enough that Zimbabwe wasn't instantly kicked out of international cricket forever, now we have the farce of the infamous England v Pakistan 4th test match from 2006 being declared a draw instead of a forfeit. Re-write the history books, just to appease the way-too-powerful Asian bloc who dominate cricket and are destroying it bit-by-bit. It's not enough that the record for most Test wickets in history has gone to a guy who blatantly chucks, it's not enough that Harbahjan Singh had his charges of racism in Australia toned down because of the power of Indian TV rights, nor is it enough that the IPL threatens to make players quit the international game for a chance to make millions, it won't stop. The ICC has no balls and the game will suffer for it.

Wednesday tennis action

Is there any value left at Wimbledon? I don't usually get involved much in the latter stages of tournaments, my logic being that all the form is disclosed and the prices are pretty accurate. But this one is a little over the odds. Lopez (2.5) v Safin - The leftie leads the h2h 4-1 so explain the price to me? Safin is playing very well, but so is Lopez. It's a value play.

no action today

A frustrating day yesterday, with Gasquet leading 2-0 with a break, and trading for plenty at 1.01!! I broke one of my own rules... if given the chance always lay a bit back at 1.02 or so and call it sanity insurance, because it's really damn annoying when they get rolled from that point!!!