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gotta love the bikes

I used to really enjoy F1, but the more it becomes about technology and tactics rather than the skill and guts of the driver, the less I care about it. Motor sports that are far more level - NASCAR, MotoGP etc are more exciting to me as a fan and also as a trader, because the lead changes frequently, and you never know who has won until the very end. Trading the lower classes of MotoGP is brilliant - highly competitive, markets with big margins meaning if you keep offering a price and not take too many risks, you can end up with a very nice book as above. And you don't even need to worry about the final result!

BetBrokers goes broke

Listed UK company, BetBrokers, the firm you were supposed to use if you struggled to get bets on yourself, went into administration last Friday. The peculiar business model always had its doubters (big bookies close down winners, so most end up on Betfair anyway. Do you think bookies really want to take bigbets from unnamed accounts?) and in the end, those doubts won through. But perhaps it was just shabbily run. It wouldn't be the first occasion that a good idea was ruined by people not knowing how to run a business properly.

US Open time

Just when you thought if was safe to get some sleep again, along comes the US Open tennis. It's not so bad a timezone if you're in the UK, but from Australia, it's a shocker. Anyhow, here are my previews of the tournament - Men's draw Women's draw

Olympic Wednesday

couple of bets today Hockey - back Germany to beat China at 5/4. The Chinese will be missing their captain via a suspension for indiscipline, and the Germans should be evens or shorter. Aths - 400m hurdles - Tosta at 11/2.

aths for Tuesday

Big bet of the day is in the discus - Alekna seems to have the wood over Kanter, they both throw about the same distances, but Alekna seems to win when they meet. Take 6/4 for 3pts. Longshot of the day, Jaroslav Baba at 16/1 in the men's high jump, each-way.

Monday aths

lay Saladino in the long jump at 1.85 or shorter. He has a chronic knee injury which hampers him constantly. He could just blow them away if it's not playing up, but on the hard track, I think it probably will. Did anyone back Mbango Etone? :)

last night of swimming

Cate Campbell at 5 or better in the women's 50 free (1pt) Athletics Mbango Etone at 15 in the women's triple jump (1/2pt) Full tips at Hockey Spain 3.25 to beat Germany (men)

Olympics action

The swimming is nearly over, but the athletics is about to kick off and the hockey is still going. Still plenty of opportunities available. Best value bet of the night, Britta Steffen in the women's 100m freestyle. Should not be fourth fav in this market, she has several of the fastest times ever. Read the full previews at (my previews). Friday's action won't be posted until early morning Aus time.

patriotism out the window

I'm laying Schipper this evening in the womens 200 fly, it has been two years since she set a PB (the world record), and the Chinese woman Zige Liu has been steadily coming through. The Chinese have to win a gold in the pool I think, and this could be the one... Back here at 3.5

tonight's swimming

The Phelps races are no contests but worth watching to see if he can reach the target of eight golds. In the women's events, I think the two favs are too short. Rice is entitled to be slightly odds-on in the womens 200IM but Pellegrini should be laid until the cows come home at odds-on! I fancy Isakovic in that myself, but Hoff won't be far away...

swimming for Tuesday

Peirsol in the mens 100m backstroke... long history of slower times in the prelims and then finding an extra gear when it counts. Take anything above 5/6.

swimming action

Mens 400IM - Phelps won't get beaten Womens 400IM - Rice eased off after having the fastest 300m split. She should be equal fav, so take all the 3+ you can get. Mens 400m Free - too hard, go Hackett! Womens 4x100m Free - tricky part about this is all the team changes for the final. Dutch and USA 2, Aus 1, Germany and China probably same team. The Yanks have better depth, so I think the world-record holding Dutch have more scope for improvement with Dekker and Veldhuis coming in. 4.5 and above should be lapped up... If trading in-running, watch for the stroke changes in the medley races. Hoff is brilliant in breaststroke, Coventry outstanding in the backstroke so they will lead their respective legs.

Opening ceremonies put me to sleep

Someone please explain the need for all the pomp and ceremony? You can't bet on it, there are no medals to be won.... who cares?!?! The swimming and hockey starts tomorrow, let's get into the good stuff! [edit] Ok, the torch bit was pretty cool....

here comes the Olympics

If you've read a bit of my blog, you'll have a fair idea that I love betting on the more obscure betting events - and the Olympics is one of the best of those. As an event that only happens every four years, with limited opportunities for many of the sports in between (eg athletics, cycling, hockey, swimming), there are great rewards for the punters who do their homework. Stay tuned....