Saturday, 6 December 2008

gotta love biathlon!

Brits and Aussies will laugh when I say biathlon is my favourite trading sport. But it is utterly brilliant! So much depends on the shooting, a biathlete can go from 1.5 favourite to 400 outsider with a couple of missed shots. It is fantastic for betting in-running. First event weekend of the season and didn't get to concentrate on it too much, so stakes are only small. But the return is pretty good for not much action :)


  1. Once tried x-country skiing when on holiday in Alpes. Let's just say that I managed about 200 yards before my legs and lungs started burning! Those dudes are some athletes. Will defo check out Eurosport on Sunday tho.



  2. I only a ski slope for the first time last year, so there's no way known I could compete in it. But for betting volatility, it's a great sport to trade on. Here are some pointers -


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