Saturday, 16 May 2009

final Eurovision position on Betfair

1. Norway
2. Iceland
3. Azerbaijan

Magnificent :)

Note how high the volume was relative to this morning's post. Getting in early enabled me to keep laying over and over without additional risk. I love these big markets with national pride and low-moderate liquidity. There were only two countries I didn't manage to lay - Israel and Croatia, who must have been really bad!


  1. What was going on with the gamble on Azerbaijan just before the results started to come out?! Mad amount of money going on them!

  2. Hi Stephen,

    It was a big gamble, down to 3.7 or so in the proper winner market that I saw. I honestly didn't think that Norway's song was that great, and my wife thought Azerbaijan was probably the best of the rest - others might have just had similar opinions. Norway got out to 2.86 that I saw, bigger than they were before the semis. And plus, we only see our local versions - you never know how much certain acts are being talked up on telecasts in other countries.


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