Friday, 5 June 2009

perhaps the greatest cricket match of all time..

Maybe not, but definitely one of the funniest ever results :D

Netherlands defeated England in the opening match of the World T20 tournament.. and just to disappoint the home crowd even more, they won it off the final ball.

Pure gold!


  1. We're just getting our losses in early this summer. I'll keep believing.......

  2. What were the opening odds on this match?

  3. 1.03 and 34 before the match started - it would be like the USA playing England in basketball... but this format of cricket makes an upset much more likely, it's so quick that one player hitting everything can cause a shock result.

  4. Maybe the second funniest result of all time :). It would be terrible if one of the major sides failed to make the super 8 stage......

  5. fair enough, but at least the teams that beat us had a world ranking...


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