Sunday, 24 October 2010

when a bot goes wrong

Ouch, this is messy. Peter Webb from BetAngel detailing a bizarre trading move yesterday at Newbury races. A 400/1 shot backed down to 1.08 (1/12) in pre-race betting, with no logic behind it whatsoever, it could only be a mistake.

Fat fingers crucify punter

£27k alone backing the 400/1 shot at 1.08 - you can't get that back!

And it wasn't an omen either - the horse ran third last, beaten over 20 lengths.

Bots can be brilliant when they have been properly tested and work perfectly, but by golly, they can be expensive when they go wrong. 


  1. The name of the horses owner tells us more about this bet.
    "It's All Relative"

  2. Ouch!!

    Something has gone seriously wrong there and it'd take more than one bot to do that kind of damage!

    Anyone who didn't lay 1.08 pre-race wants shooting!


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