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100m update

Bolt looked back to his Beijing best, strolling along after the 60m mark. Can't see any sign of any injury there. Blake had a bit up his sleeve but he hasn't been into the elite sub 9.7 zone that will be needed to win this if everything is right with Usain - with his hamstrings and nerves at the start.

I backed Blake at 4.75 about a month ago, so there's no need to go in again. 5.4 on Betfair is pretty big if you think there's still a risk with the great one.

I lean to No for the World Record, it's a huge ask to break that famous 9.58 but this track looks mighty quick. A - is Bolt in that zone again, and B - will he go flat out for the record?

In the w/o Bolt and Blake market, Gatlin is trading at 1.62 as I write. He looked impressive in the semi but can't see too much left for him to improve. I backed him at double figure odds to win in Athens, but the guy is a double drug cheat, he shouldn't be in the sport at all, so my judgment as to whether that price is value or a lay is clouded. I'll steer clear.

So no bet to be had, just hope the race is a cracker and the drug cheat doesn't get onto the podium.


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