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Kim Muir Challenge Cup preview

Two days down, two to go at the Festival. The resident masochist, Jon da Silva, @creamontop, has signed up for the toughest race of the day, the one with the whopping long name below.


Fulke Walwyn Kim Muir Challenge Cup Handicap Chase (Amateur Riders) preview

Mickey Arthur Says
3 Reasons to read this preview

a) Your boss looks over and your fluctuating brow and aghast looks will convince him you're working more than just staring at the screen.
b) It won't take long.
c) You might have nothing better to do.

The Kim Muir is like the JLT Equine Bingo favouring high numbers with amateur pilots thrown in.

First off this is a handicap covered by 13 pounds. Not like the JLT with a fuller weight spread. The going is at worst good to soft at present.

Swing Bill respected old grey who ran well behind Monkerty Tunkerty who ran well on Tuesday last time.
Super Duty could be thrown in with decent Novice form some doubts on stamina but on better ground tempered plus this is an amateur race.
Saint Are Loves tight tracks would anticipate losing another couple of pounds to repeat win at Aintree last year.
Harry The Viking This would be pillage off a record of 11112 to last year's Cheltenham and now PP9 since.
Problema Tic This would seem the plan 3 miles and faster ground. Only caveat big field but that is against everyone like Golden Chieftain well beaten by Ballynagour last time.
BecauseICouldntSee 2nd last year and not in the same form. Kinda horse for me bookies price up correctly.
On Trend Improved for trip and desperate ground at Sandown. Hard to know what he beat as a result and no big field experience.
Vesper Bell Solid novice beaten last time but only 1 run since Xmas. Form on heavy ground. Beat Aupcharlie in a bumper. Pat Mullins rides
Prince of Pirates another stepping up and improving for 3 miles last time.
Galaxy Rock won over small fields mainly but 2nd of 19 at Chel this season likes the course and ground.
Frisco Depot Has good chances on some form but hints he'd be better in smaller field.
Deal Done Well beaten in all big handicap races
Same Difference Won some small field novices. Does not laid out or to have required improvement. Well beaten RPC.
Alfie Sherrin won the opening day chase race last year and this should be easier. Ignore couple of slow ground beats in Ireland? Laid out? 2nd 3rd & 4th well beaten Tues off not dissimilar marks FWIW
Richard's Sundance near the top of his mark seemingly exposed albeit 4 wins from 5 total on stiff tracks.
Loose Preformer form of PFP, and had 1 race since April. Be called a great training performance by the autobot pundits.
Chartreaux progressive but without hinting at much more progression for me.
Liberty Counsel summer jumper with summer ground nothing to say it's not fairly priced.
Relax beaten by Richard's Sundance last time and may improve again for better ground.
Bahrain Storm seems to be exposed.
Court by Surprise stable ill and pulled up last week.
Romanesco fell when leading here in Oct has Nina Carberry. Not out of the question.
Sunny Ledgend run over 2 miles last but has form over 3. Inexperienced.
No Secrets well named but not forlorn. Suspicion he's a tad slow for better ground.

Alfie Sherrin 10/1 and Super Duty 5/1 have obvious appeal. Vesper Bell 16/1 has the connections of the week so far (just won National Hunt Chase) and a chance. Problema Tic 20/1 will be my main single albeit his stamina nags at me. Clearly not a race to be too dogmatic about as only a few winners would genuinely surprise.


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