Monday, 16 June 2014

No Royal Ascot coverage

Just a short post to say I won't be covering Royal Ascot this week on the blog, having a break during the World Cup...


  1. beloved friend
    greetings from india,
    you must be really busy with foot ball game, good
    my question is this why inspite of higher percentage of commission, 6.5% betfair getting larger turnover compared to betdaq, which is not getting with 3% commission, can you throw me some light on this please,thanks for your lovely and gratitude -easwaran India

    1. Betfair is only 6.5% on Australian racing where Betdaq doesn't compete, max of 5% elsewhere. Betdaq has had many many chances to improve their market share (premium charge, crap BF customer service, breakdowns, restricted territories, etc) for minimal difference. Simply ain't gonna happen.


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