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E P Taylor Stakes preview

A smattering of good races tonight at Woodbine in Toronto, a track that regularly attracts European visitors when the cash is on the table.

Previewing his highlight of the night in his own inimitable style, it's Jon da Silva, @creamontop.


E P Taylor Stakes 
US$500,000, Grade 1 for F&M 3&Up
10 Furlongs, Turf, Woodbine
1548 local, 2048 BST

It's a measure of reality for Canadian Racing that the once $2Mn [CAD] Pattison Canadian International is now worth $800,000 Canadian. Anyway looks a dull affair with Erupt and Idaho among European 'stars' racing. However of more interest to me is the E P Taylor for fillies and mares of 3 years old and upwards. It has some UK&I contingent and frankly I don't want to assess Idaho ever again.... Thus in a blow against Hollywood I will cover the Ladies of the Turf in a race worth 500,000 Loonies or 300 Large in the old country's currency.

Incidentally E P Taylor was a fuck-off rich Canadian who pioneered the concept of Gated Communities, offshoring wealth and brewery mergers but on the plus side was the money behind the breeding of behemoth sire Northern Dancer who is the greatest ever Canadian to foreigners. [Wayne Gretzky? Who? Fakenews?]

Pretty wet looking weather forecast for nearby Lester B Pearson Airport BTW according to the BBC. 

It does seem despite not meeting the quota of three or more Chad Brown runners in a middle distance Filly and Mare Grade 1 turf race in North America this race will be allowed to go ahead as scheduled. They all carry 124 bar the 3yo Rain Goddess who receives 5lbs at WFA. They are all second or more times on Lasix.  

Kitten's Roar 
Not sure if the name is ironic or a comment on blowhards. Bolted up at the best course in the USA, Turf only Kentucky Downs, in a 350K race. Other form is mostly 1.5 or 2 lengths behind the small island of US F&M 9 ->10 furlong horses on Turf, mostly trained by Chad Brown. Another Kitten owned by the Ramseys or Sara' and Ken as I call them over a few drinks [fakenews]. Handles an off track.

Fourstar Crook
Named after Donald Trump pre-presidency but apparently they won't allow it to be changed to "Fivestar Crook and a Right Cunt to Boot" [fakenews]. Tries the trip for the first time and in a European sense you'd say huge step up in class for a Morning Line 8s. Won a State Bred for 125 Big Ones at Belmont but has won a grade 3 and 9 of 13. This may illustrate that the Horsemen in New York are able to earn of lots of dosh without having to try a real race. Steps up in class and distance. Another Chad.

Qui dura translates acc Google as Which Lasted. Well only time she went this far she lasted for a 2nd to Hawksmoor 1.5 lengths ahead of Kitten's Roar. The favourite and worthy one based on close 2nd to Lady Eli who'd be short here. Only 8 runs (6 in US 2 Ger) and first show UK fav with an improving profile. Now 2nd fav some UK books.

Rainha Da Bateria 
This translates as Queen of the Drums another of the Chad Brown paint-scrapers who batter fuck out of each other and win dependent on racing luck almost in turn. Only 5th in this last year but actual fav Nezwaah was only 7th. This maybe a good opportunity against less hardened or merely solid runners. However for me she is the weakest of Chad's Group 1 Mare assault squad Not banging the drum myself but could be one of those solid horses who starts too big and that is mentioned by aftertimers.

Sassy Little Lila
I'd love to meet the lady who she was named after but everyday sexism aside did finish 2nd in the Just a Game Group 1. That form would be behind the best US Group 1 form. Antonoe the winner pretty well seen off by Lady Eli last time for instance. The pace in this race on Brisnet ratings. As an in running guide if they go 25 change 1st call 51 quarter... saver if we can bet Woodbine in running any rates.

Translates as nezwaah apparently. Trained by UK Icon Roger Varian. A man who features in the most prestigious calendar highlighted on twitter account AYearOfRoger, no fake news with Rog' . Lightly raced, possibly ground challenged UK runner who based on the Pretty Polly possibly a match for anything not called Enable and trained by John Gosden. Absolutely murdered Rain Goddess just prior to Enable doing the same. Given the bum's rush by Enable in the Yorkshire Oaks over further and softer but Grade 1 level European Turfer despite the seventh here last year. Seems better this year and to a degree unexposed. Morning Line Fav.

Rain Goddess 
Massacred by Nezwaah and Enable and mullered by the Chads in the Beverley D. Beaten in Ireland since too. Will need others to under-perform and not even offtrack [yielding or worse] offers much encouragement it improves her chance more by slowing others down. Chance obviously but would be a disappointing winner for a Grade 1 to be sure. 

Blond Me
Blond Me once lost to my last equine infatuation the irresistible for two races Sentierio Italia who treated Blond Me and Miss Temple City like Bryce Harper a batting practice ball only to make nothing but outs under Grade 1 pressure! Group 2 Middleton winner which looks good but that early season small fieldness has not been built on. Solid will run her race and gets more interesting if we get some grip (US/Can Good or Yielding) and a PMU underlay. 

Is Bosnian for shoot or a gentle Irish spirit or ghost. I will feel gently trolled and shoot myself if this wins. Not contested a group race at least on recent form line (10 runs). Any price you like with the Books and 20s morning line. 


On a fastish surface Nezwaah is definitely the best of the Euros. On a friendly track even taking her 7th last year as a warning 4s 7/2 looks good (with 365 and Sky respectively so as much use as chocolate as a tea pot making material to me). 

Rain is threatened and Quidura could be anything. Threat of an off track and rain plus any PMU give away I'd consider Blond Me on the night .However Quidura nearly got to Lady Eli and has only had six runs and the Motion trained horse has won on soft turf and is a Dubawi out of a German Mare (out of Arc winner Acatenango). Best form is there and is on home soilish and possibly still progressive 3s arguably at worst fair value with some doubts about Nezwaah and her improving profile.


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